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31 October 1984
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I'm a pretty quiet person.
That's probably because I have about zero self confidence.
Once you get to know me, I'm loud and bouncy and usually very happy.
I'm extremely clumsy, I'm almost always running into things or falling down.
Once I fell into the wall and slid down it.
Don't ask me how cause I honestly don't know.
Another time I fell into my best friends christmas tree and couldn't get out of it.
My family's pretty much like Roseanne.
My mother is Roseanne
My dad is kinda like Dan
My sister is no doubt Darlene
My brother Dj, My aunt Debbie is Jackie.
I'm really not Becky but yeah...
I mean I guess I am in the way that Dan hangs out with Darlene and Dj, but never Becky.