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Name: Loren
Nickname & how you got it: Lorwhore... I dunno Ash just kinda gave it to me *shrugs*
Location: Connellsville, PA
Birthday: 10-31-84

*Your Looks*

Height: 5'6''ish
Hair Color: Brownish
Eye Color: Blue
Piercings: just my ears
Tattoos: None yet


What do you normally wear: Jeans and t-shirts, and hoodies when it's cold
What shoes do you wear the most: My pink and brown chuck-like shoes
Do you wear jewelry: I wear my rings constantly
Color you don't like to wear: I dunno
Color you wear most: Pink
Do you wear makeup everyday: Nope, not unless I go somewhere important
One makeup item that's a must have: Eyeshadow I suppose
Favorite piece of clothing: My hoodie that The Donnas signed :)
Do you wear hats/belts? When it's cold I wear a beanie... and belts, heck yes, cause my pants are all too big. losing weight is great :)
How many pairs of shoes do you have: 5 or 6... not many


Favorite kind of music: Anything really
Least favorite: Classical
Last cd you bought: Panic! at the Disco
Favorite cd: Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway. Why? Cause Kelly's gangsta
How many cd's do you own: Lots
Do you download music: Yes
What's in your cd player right now: Hanson


Season: Fall
Color: Purple
Ice Cream: Vanilla
Quote: "Sometimes you have to lie to live, sometimes you don't" Ashley Davies: South of Nowhere
Store: Hot Topic and where ever else I may go
Website: I dunno
Singer: Kelly Clarkson, duh!
Band: Something Corporate or Hanson... or Dashboard or The Donnas, I dunno
Song: Right now it's Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson.. why? cause she was the Britney Spears of my childhood.
Tv Show: South of Nowhere and Roseanne. I hate the second becky... bleah.
Actor: Andrew McCarthy
Actress: Rachel McAdams
Kind of movie: Comedy/Horror/Romance
Time of day: Night
Animal: Penky... what's a Penky you ask? Why it's a penguin and a monkey baby. Yes. They will one day exist because I will force the damn penguin to breed with the monkey and they will like it.
Clothing brand: I dunno
Holiday: Halloween
Food: Chinese
Month: December
Drink: Dr.Pepper


What is on your desktop: Elvis
When do you go to sleep: Whenever I pass out
Do you like your name: I'm starting to
Do you smoke/drink: I drink but I do not smoke
What country would you like to visit: Italy
Do you have any pets: A turtle, three dogs and my kittykitty
Did you like this survey: Sure, why not?

Mar. 21st, 2006

Another night, another nightmare.

plus a few very vivid, nonsensical dreams.
The Art Institute needs to die. more later. too tired right now.

new mood theme btw.... new layout soon.


Harry/Hermione and Panic! At the Disco??? HELL YES!


Never eat a pickle then drink sprite.
I feel like shit.
So last night Roseanne had an apron on that had the same damn design as that effin chicken shirt... It's haunting me I'm telling you, haha.

Anyway yeah I'll update better later, right now I'm kinda bleah
So class hasn't even started and I already want it to be over...


So I've been watching Roseanne... and in the last 6 episodes I have seen every member of the Connor family wear this chicken shirt.

In this episode Darlene wore it now Dan has it on. In the first Roseanne had it on, the next Roseanne, then Jackie, then the next Becky had it on and the next Bev. So the only person who hasnt worn it has been Dj, and that's probably cause he'd be swimming in it.

I do not remember seeing this shirt ever before....and I have seen every episode of Roseanne EVER. What the hell is going on tonight with this shirt? Is there some sort of Nick at Nite spot the similarities between the episodes of Roseanne contest? I'm seriously confused...

*EDIT* Dj now has worn the evil shirt of doom.

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